Endocrine Society’s Annual Meeting
Continuing Medical Education (CME)

From 2018 onwards, ENDOtoday offers you the opportunity to acquire CME points online.
The course content refers to the current study data from the ENDO Annual Meeting 2018. In this way, they always guarantee the latest state of knowledge.
The learning modules are designed as e-learning modules and can be carried out intuitively. Two CME points can be obtained for each learning module.
The training is offered by the atp Academy in cooperation with esanum and is certified by the Berlin Chamber of Physicians.
Please note: CME-certified training is currently only available in Germany.

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    A strong partnership
    With esanum GmbH in Berlin, the atp Academy has found a strong partner for CME training courses. esanum is one of the largest communication platforms for physicians in Germany and Europe, which is currently used by more than 90,000 physicians. The online network offers physicians the opportunity to inform themselves about treatment methods, continuing education, job offers, extensions of indications and changes in guidelines as well as to exchange views and network with each other in an interdisciplinary manner.
    The atp Academy offers practical and CME-certified training courses for physicians. All course contents are based on the latest findings of international congresses and thus guarantee that the latest state of knowledge is provided. Since the learning modules are designed as e-learning modules, they can be carried out easily and intuitively.

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